a crafty post: embroidery


I meant to post this yesterday but didn’t get time to. oh well. I’m here now.

I’ve been really crafty lately and have lots to post on this subject. I thought I’d start with this. I ordered some Mitch O’Connell pin-up girl templates from Sublime Stitching and transfered them to a tea towel. This is one of the patterns. I’m not sure what caused me to order pin-up girls because I’m not really into them and I never have been, but oh well. This was really fun to do. I could really get into embroidery. Actually, I think I already have. I love it. It’s really fun and very easy to do. But, still, just challenging enough to keep my mind occupied. I could never really get into cross-stitch for some reason.

I remember really loving embroidery as a kid. My mom showed me how to do it and I really got into it. It’s something that my grandmother on my dad’s side really loved to do. She would embroider pillowcases and give them to us as gifts. I still have some of her beautiful pillowcases, stored away in my cedar chest. I think it’s kind of cool that I’m carrying on the hobbies of my two grandmothers. My Granny Franny loved embroidery and my Granny Mary loved knitting.

2 thoughts on “a crafty post: embroidery

  1. do you just do one type of stitch for the lines-are are there multiple? I have a few cool transfers-very similar, but afraid to start as I have mainly does cross and there are no “directions” telling you which stitch to use. BTW -LOVE IT! and I am now going to unbury my transfers-after you answer my question 🙂


  2. Hi Maria! I'm a total newbie and only know a few stitches. My favorite one is the backstitch. It makes a nice, clean line. For the hair and the outline I used all 6 threads of embroidery, but for the face I used 3 threads. In retrospect, I should have only used 3 throughout. Six threads is too bulky. There are some really good tutorials on the Sublime Stitches website: http://www.sublimestitching.com/howto.htmlI pretty much just used her book to teach me the really basic stitches I've been using. It looks like her website has the same info as her book. I can't wait to see what you're going to do! Post it on Facebook when you do it, pretty please? 🙂


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