Dishman Hills

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We found a hiking spot I didn’t even know existed…and it’s right in town. Dishman Hills. It’s a county park so parking is free. This would be a fantastic place for Raf to go on his weekend run. One of our little rituals in Santa Cruz on the weekend was I would take Raf for a run at UCSC and sit in the car and knit or read while he ran. I really looked forward to this time alone because it was in the Rewood forest and so pretty. There were always familes of deer wandering around me. I miss it. But this might be a good new place. There is a really nice grassy park area where I could go plant myself under a tree and relax while he is running.

Yesterday when we hiked it was 100 degrees. I thought I was going to pass out. I ran out of water and it sucked. This heat sucks!

I could have put more effort in the composition of this photo but I was sitting on a bench, resting. What you see here is Spokane Valley.

2 thoughts on “Dishman Hills

  1. Yeah heat does suck and I bet even more so for you since you were used to souther CA weather. I myself like winter the best, but fall and spring are nice too. 🙂


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