about a camera.


A few weeks ago I wrote this down:

In 48 hours I will receive an Olympus Pen EE series half frame film camera that works perfectly and is in perfect shape. It will be given to me or it will be found at a local thrift store for under $10.

I was testing the universe to see if I could pull something out of thin air. To make something that I really want appear out of nowhere. I have been coveting an Olympus Pen EE half frame camera for a long time and thought, “why not?” I’d see if I could find one. Cameras seem to be appearing out of nowhere for me lately so why not one that I actually want?

So I spent the next few days visiting all of the thrift stores and antique shops in Sandy during my lunch break. Unfortunately I didn’t find an Olympus Pen during my shopping excursions. I was kind of bummed.

I also searched Ebay to see what I could find. I felt like this might be cheating so I didn’t take my searching too seriously. I found one that had been in someone’s attic and the bidding started at $9.99. This price fit my parameters but still, that nagging feeling that I was cheating persisted so I told myself that I would check again in a couple of days and if it was still around I would just buy it.

A couple of days went by and no one gave me their old Olympus Pen and I didn’t find one sitting on a shelf in a thrift store. I went back to Ebay. The auction I looked at earlier was in full swing and the bidding was up to $20. This just wasn’t going to work for me at all. So I scrolled through the list. I found one that was being sold for parts. The seller couldn’t “get the back open” and the “shutter was sticky.” He was selling it for around $12 and shipping was free. The free shipping was really what sold me. And $12 is close enough to $10. I figured it was worth the gamble. If it was broken I would fix it. There are plenty of tutorials online. I ordered it and it was on my doorstep two days later.

The issue with the back wasn’t an issue at all. I knew this when I bought it because I read the instruction manual and the back has a funny way of coming off. So there’s one problem already fixed. The shutter seemed to work fine to me as well. So I plopped some film it it and took it for a spin. Here is how this “broken camera” performed.

Joe's Donut Shop


benches at Blue Lake

I do believe the universe came through after all!!

16 thoughts on “about a camera.

      1. Well I am glad it worked out for you. You wanna know what is impressive about that camera? You will need to see a roll of that film uncut. That’s a sight 😀


        1. cool! Next time I shoot a roll I’ll have them leave it. I think I would like that better anyway. They guy at the Walgreens cut this roll in a weird way.


  1. Ha that’s so cool. I love the way you set yourself the goal (or fate temptation) and that’s so great the ‘broken’ camera is working just fine! Nice pictures 🙂


  2. I just read this again – I had completely forgotten this blog post of yours. But, it must have sunk in somewhere, because last Thursday I found an Olympus Pen in a thrift store for $3, which I think works. I am waiting for the film to be processed (tomorrow!). The one I found is an earlier model than the EE, without a light meter. Even so, I think you may have infected me with your wish, all the way up here in Victoria BC.


  3. Oh… I so want one of these! Neat little thing, and the half frames would be great to play around with I think. I need to go out for a hunt 🙂

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