Goodbye 2013

Last night I had a nightmare.  I was passenger in a black Volkswagen Bug, my Uncle Will was driving.  We drove into the driveway of my grandparent’s beloved yellow house. When we pulled up I could feel that something was wrong. I got out of the car and my uncle sped away, leaving me alone. […]

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Hello there!

So I signed up for this 52 rolls project. The challenge is simply (ha) to shoot a roll of film a week. I will be blogging the experience on the 52 rolls website and reblogging it here on Blatherskite. I am really looking forward to doing this, but also a little nervous about it because […]

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Winter Storm

The waves are breaking. The tumultuous sea Stirs up primordial creatures From deep below. They frighten me But I dive deeper. I swim to the bottom To the ocean floor Where I find buried Deep in the sand A jewel.   *This poem is based on a dream I had a couple of years ago.

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More postcards!

I received two more postcards in the mail the other day! One from Alex from the U.K. You can find his wonderful photography at his website. He is also the proprietor of I also got a card from Lacey, the instigator of this whole thing. She originally brought this idea to my attention. You […]

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