Day 4 – Sagrada Familia & and The Ramblas

Travel and Other Adventures

Still trying to recover from Jet lag, but starting to feel normal finally. We set the alarm to wake up in the morning at a respectable hour. Then, after fortifying myself with coffee, set out for Sagrada Familia. All I can say is, “wow.” I walked inside and was completely blown away. Photos of this place don’t do it justice. 

After a nap we decided to walk along The Ramblas using our Rick Steves guidebook. I always seem to learn something when I bring his books and the Ramblas tour did not disappoint. Yesterday while sitting and resting in a chair on The Ramblas I noticed an interesting fountain that people walked up to and drank from. It was different from any drinking fountain I’d ever seen. Well today I learned that it has some historical significance. It’s called The Fountain Of Canaletes and legend has it that if you drink from it you will return to the city. So guess what I did?

I am officially a tourist!

We also had desert at EscribĂ  bakery.

And then (and I never would have seen this if I didn’t have this book) we took a detour and saw the remains of a Roman Metropolis. Very cool!!