I’m sick again! Damn it! I thought maybe I had some sort of sinus infection so I went to the doctor on Friday. I don’t. It’s some sort of virus. So I’ve got to just let it run it’s course. I guess I just caught another cold. This is starting to piss me off. I hate feeling this way. I was getting into a nice routine of running in the morning and I was being so good about it! and the whole thing has been derailed because I don’t have the energy to excercise.

I have to say that the Airborne has been very helpful. It made the other cold go away pretty fast. I was starting to feel much better before I got this new one.


4 thoughts on “sick again

  1. awww, that sucks Moni, sorry you’re sick again. I hate those back to back viruses! Hope you feel better soon. (and I have to seek out this Airborne of which you speak; I haven’t heard of it so I’m hoping we get it here in Canada!)


  2. I hate to bring it up, but this is a common problem with people exposed to children on a regular basis. You always end up catching everything that is going around. Children love the share germs. My mom was a kindergarten teacher for most of my youth so we caught everything. You may be experiencing the same thing.


  3. When I taught preschool I was sicker than I have ever been in my life! Kids are little carrier monkeys! And they don’t mind sharing every gern they have! 😦


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