Crafty Monday: Aleita Shell


I finished and wore the Aleita Shell this past week and I am very pleased with it! It is made out of a cotton yarn, Tahki Cotton Classic, which I had never used before. I really liked knitting with it! I also loved the vast array of color choices. I will definitely be using this yarn again.

The pattern was interesting. It was pretty straightforward at first. Knitting in the round forever until you get up to the chest area. Then things get really complicated. And you really have to pay attention to what you are doing or things will get screwed up. The top is done back and forth because of that area in the front that crosses over. It is a bit awkward because you are knitting with two circular needles. So there’s that. Then you have to pay attention to the neck decreases, as well as the arm decreases. It’s definitely not a pattern for beginners. It was a challenge.

I do like the way it turned out, though. And I love it as a vest. It will get good use this fall. Here is a link to my Raverly page for those extra details.