My blog in 2012


I found this New Years post the other day and thought it would be fun  to try it for this year. Here are the “rules” are for the post:

Copy the first sentence(s) from the first blog post you made each month. Provide explanatory context if needed.

I think I’ll skip the explanation and see how this all shakes out. Here we go!


I always like to start a new year with a blog post about things to look forward to.

I love this song. 

I am testing the new WordPress Editing-on-the-fly feature.

I swim through the storm, the driving rain & wind, but your love is like a ship soaring through the sea. 

Raf and went to Cannon Beach and Ecola Park for Easter and had a really great day.

I tried the Ektar 100 next.

It’s funny how things work out sometimes in ways you don’t expect.

Me and my friend, Heidi in 1992.

Leaving on a jet plane. Paris.

Raf and I have decided to, everyday, try at least one new thing.

I am the luckiest girl in the world to be loved by such a wonderful person.

This is what I’m doing today.