New cameras are the best

I got a new camera!! And it was FREE!! It was very generously given to me by a friend on Twitter. I asked my online friends on both Facebook and Twitter what film camera I should buy. The weirdest thing is that I was literally looking at Cannon AE-1s online and almost talked myself into […]

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On Animated GIFs.

Oh this is fun! The weekly Mind The Gap challenge on The Daily Post blog is our opinion on Animated Gifs. I love animated GIFs. I think they are silly and fun.     I used to be a critical jerk who thought gifs were tasteless     but I have since abandoned that part […]

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Salmon River Trail

We finally hiked to the top of the Salmon River Trail today! It was 8 miles when all was said and done. My legs and feet hurt. I did something completely different and carried along my digital camera. I had some interesting insights in which I came to the conclusion that film is far superior […]

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