Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

distorted clock tower

Spokane Clock Tower reflection. January 2008

The weekly photo challenge is reflections. I am practically obsessed with this as a photography subject and have explored reflections in my photography for many years. Here is one that I took in January of 2008 in Spokane, WA when I still lived there. I love this photo because of the distortion of the clock tower’s reflection. This was taken when I was very unhappy. I am not a winter/snow person and, as you can see, we were deep in the dead of winter at that time (and we hadn’t even experienced the “Storm of the Century” yet). I was very unhappy living in Spokane and wanted desperately to move. The distortion of the tower reflected the feelings I had inside of me at the time.

New cameras are the best



I got a new camera!! And it was FREE!! It was very generously given to me by a friend on Twitter. I asked my online friends on both Facebook and Twitter what film camera I should buy. The weirdest thing is that I was literally looking at Cannon AE-1s online and almost talked myself into buying one when my friend sent the tweet, offering his old camera. He put it in the mail a week later and I got it on the day before Thanksgiving. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it came with two lenses!

I am going to buy a battery and jump in! I can’t wait to play with it!

On Animated GIFs.


Oh this is fun! The weekly Mind The Gap challenge on The Daily Post blog is our opinion on Animated Gifs.

I love animated GIFs. I think they are silly and fun.

No! My Pie!



I used to be a critical jerk who thought gifs were tasteless

Hi! I am a tasteless, glittery, American flag.



but I have since abandoned that part of myself and have embraced the fun, silly parts of the internet.


I would even call some of them works of art. .

Made By ABVH


Memes and GIFs. GIFS and memes. It is all about GIFs and memes.



I love a good repackaging of pop culture.


I LOVE that they are a quick way to easily express oneself visually. For example, this is how I feel about the circumstances surrounding our recent presidential election.


I can live the rest of my life without seeing another dancing banana though.


Salmon River Trail

untitled (12 of 14).jpg

Almost to the top!

We finally hiked to the top of the Salmon River Trail today! It was 8 miles when all was said and done. My legs and feet hurt.

I did something completely different and carried along my digital camera. I had some interesting insights in which I came to the conclusion that film is far superior to digital. I think this, really, came about because I am not used to all of the choices involved in digital photography. I like to go completely manual when I shoot (for the most control over the shot) but there is so much to remember. So many buttons to push. It is irritating, frankly. It is too technical. I like that, with film, you only have to think about exposure (you don’t even have to worry about iso!). The rest of your brain can be used for composing the shot. And you aren’t distracted by the image because you have to wait to see the image.

I do like that I can shoot video with my digital camera, though. Here is a video that I took at the top of the hike, the turnaround point. There are fantastic views of the Salmon River Gorge which is virtually impossible to get to (a few kayakers have braved it). The wind was blowing too hard and I was afraid to get too close to the edge. You can hear me blathering on about something in the background but it is too windy to hear.