Weekend with mom


As I mentioned, I took a 3 day break from the internet so I could spend time with my mom while she was here. It was awesome! I was ridiculously productive! I cleaned my entire house (this really only happens when I have visitors), I went through boxes my mom brought with her (more on that in a minute), I did some writing, I mixed c-41 chemicals, I developed film, I scanned film, I went for a walk in the words, and I hung out and had fun with my mom and her husband.

Those moments when there is downtime are the hardest at first. For example, when I was waiting for my mom to arrive I normally would spend time scrolling through one of my many social media feeds, but instead I wrote a poem. 🙂

Here are some photos

From our visit to Pittock Mansion

My mom brought old boxes we have been storing there and I went through them. it was literally a time capsule and weird to be reacquainted with stuff from years and years ago.

I developed film!!

And wrote some emo poetry with MagPo


Great weekend! I am totally going to be doing this again, at least once a month. I feel so much better and it was nice to accomplish so much.

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