Me: I am taking a photo of the Twin Peaks Diner with a Holga. I feel so hipster.

Raf: That is High-Hipster.

This is my Holga GFN with a 35mm film adaptor. ┬áIt was fun to use but I didn’t love the results from it.

Below is the other shot from the entire roll of 36 exposures that I kinda liked. A shot of Snoqualamie Falls (also featured in Twin Peaks)

Cue Twin Peaks Theme



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A Conversation

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Scene: Moni is doing housework and “Harlem Shake” comes up on Raf’s Spotify playlist.

Moni: I feel like I am being implanted with a secret message from the goverment when I hear this song.

Raf: I know. There is something very hypnotic about it.

Moni: It terrifies me when they say “El” over and over. Why? What is it about “El” that is so frightening?

Raf: That’s the command.

“In my family it’s not strange for us to live to be 100. We don’t have much but we have our brains. My favorite uncle, who just turned 100, is still inventing and building stuff. That’s why I tell people, ‘when you get older learn new things. Weave a basket everyday. Not the same basket. A different basket.’ “

Words of wisdom from an older, regular, patron who I chat with from time to time. I always really enjoy our conversations.

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