Nature’s fireworks

Lightning is a highly visible form of energy t...

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We had the freakiest, most awesome lightening storm last night! It started around 10 o’clock, and at first I thought it was the fireworks since I was told they start at 10:00. Raf went outside and came back in and said, “It’s a thunderstorm!” So I went out there and watched it for a while. It started to really rain. I realized that my Mom and Brother and his family were downtown watching the fireworks, so I called to see if they were okay. My mom had told me that they did the fireworks early and that she was just in her car driving home. She said they were amazing because they watched both the lightening and the firewords at the same time! I am really kind of sad I missed it :(. I totally should have gone with them.

While I was on the phone with her there was lightening and thunder cracking AT THE SAME TIME and I felt this surge of static electricity and we had an electrical power surge. I was freaked out! I jumped away from the window. I swear the lightening hit our house. That was how close it was. Or it touched down very very near our house.

It was like that for about a half an hour more. I mean this storm was right directly above us! We would hear the thunder and see the lightening at the same time and there would be this huge cracking sound and the light was so incredably bright. It was amazing!

Read more about it here.

Here is a video of the fireworks.

I should have taken pictures! But, frankly, I shouldn’t have even been near my window watching it.