Sold on Square Format


I’ve started scanning the Holga shots I took in Spokane and am really liking how they turned out! I will post a few my favorites here (from the color film).
double exposed
This one is double exposed. I forgot to wind the film. I feel really silly for making this mistake. I think I even talked about making this mistake with my friends moments before I took the first one (which is the group shot of my friends sitting at the table).  It makes me extra sad because I didn’t take any other group shots. However,  I actually like the effect.

Here another double exposed shot:

double exposed

I like the colorful graffiti in this one:

on eno

The digital shot of this vandalized wall is here. Please ignore that I accidentally scanned the wrong way. ahem.

I have to admit that I am loving very much square format. I am not sure if I can express in words why I like it so much. It just feels good to me. I like composing within the square frame. I like the way it looks. So much so that I am looking to buy a real (as opposed to toy) medium format camera. Film, too. Not digital. Film. I am in love with film. I am not sure I want to go back to digital anytime soon, to be honest. So the question is, which one? Anyone out there have any suggestions?