Hit The Road

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Hit the RoadHit the Road is a road trip story about a girl, her grandmother, and a kidnapping.

Brit is on Summer vacation. She is dropped off at her grandmother’s house when her parents take a trip to Alaska. Much to the grandmother’s (Nannie) dismay. You see, Nannie has other plans. She has never missed a school reunion with her 3 best friends from college and she doesn’t plan to miss it this year. Nannie has stealthily rented a car and she talks Brit into driving her to pick up “the girls” and taking them to the reunion. There are a few minor problems with this plan, however. Brit doesn’t have her driver’s license. And Nannie plans to kidnap one of “the girls” out of a nursing home. This is just the beginning of the adventure. By the end Brit will have a few terrifying run-ins with a very evil son who is trying to steal the fortune of one of Nannie’s friends. She will save her grandmother’s life on a couple of occasions. And she will get the boy of her dreams.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a fun and fast read.

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